Patience, oh sweet patience and what should I write about?

Take prideI’m new to this wonderful world of ‘blogging’ – bear with me folks, I’m learning some awesome stuff very fast and that makes me feel like a geek for sure 🙂 It’s not a bad feeling, it is amazing that technology nowadays is at the fingertips of simple minds like mine, how come I never looked into this before?

Please have a bit of patience as I’m building the blog in the coming days.

You might come back here tomorrow so to speak and see a complete different appearance, I’m still playing with the themes and trying to choose the one I like best.

I also need to learn some more about CSS – if you have tips & tricks for me please feel free to share them with me.

On to an amazing appearance of the blog first,

thank you for your patience!

If you want to help me decide on what to write about please feel free to vote in the poll bellow – there is an ‘other’ category that you can use, all inspiration is more than welcome.

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