See you later alligator, in a while crocodile…

Who doesn’t know this ‘good-bye’ verse? I guess the entire planet does and most people, myself included, know exactly this little verse but don’t know that there is more to it, it’s a children poem and song that’s been around for ages and you can actually add to it more rhymes, make up your own. Now that is a fun way to say good-bye. Ha, something new I learned today that might come in very handy later when my daughter will start learning rhymes.

This past Thursday was my last day at work and quite a strange and special day it was.

It was strange to be there knowing that in a few hours I will leave my work into other skilled people’s hands. It was strange to be there knowing that in a few hours I will leave and I won’t see many of the people I met at work, ever again most probably. At the same time I found comfort in knowing that some of my colleagues will keep in touch once in while and a very few special colleagues are naturally shifting into being friends, as they say, some doors close and others open.

Well the end of my last day at work is already in the past, I’ve said my goodbyes and my colleagues said their good-byes too. It was a wonderful moment as they made sure I didn’t leave without a beautiful memory. Thank you for the attention that you’ve put into choosing such an appropriate gift – I am cherishing my new bracelet charms, a moneybag charm and a tulip charm. Thank you for the kind words, the speeches, the flowers, the signed card, the booklet from my team with a special and personal written good-bye, the book about The Province of North-Holland in English and for the many e-mails that I got.

Thank you for encouraging me and letting me know you trust I will do well in the States. It lifts my spirit and gives me even more confidence that this big step my family and I are taking will be a step towards a good new life.

I am most grateful for having had the opportunity to work with so many great people, thank you for the guidance and the lessons I’ve learned.

I will do my best to come back at this blog as often as I can and post a lot of sense and non-sense and share my adventures with everyone that wants to read them. On to the big adventure across the pond – only 18 more days in the Netherlands.

As I started this post with that all over the world famous good-bye verse, here it comes, a longer version. I bet you can come up with more catchy good-bye rhymes, I know my colleagues at the Province of North Holland are champions at rhymes.

See you later alligator


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