3 drive-throughs in the States that Europe doesn’t have

Having lived all my life in Europe and after only 4 months in the States, I still live in a state of wonder. It doesn’t feel all the time as a vacation anymore but I am constantly discovering new things that are different here than my previous two countries. They are fun, they are strange, they are new, they are different.
In Europe we know the concept of a drive-through only from the big yellow m sign. I haven’t come across any others.

I found out that the drive-throughs in the States are at a level that Europe will never ever in her dreams be able to compete to.

I found a few of them in Fort Collins already and I am convinced there are more to be found.

1. The drive-through ATM
Yes, this is part of the services some banks offer. The drive-through ATM looks like a gas station. Only instead of gas stations there are ATM’s lined up and placed at the right height that you only have to roll down your window to get some money. Now that you have some cash, you can go to a drive-in movie theater and don’t forget to drive through and get yourself some fast food. La vie est belle!

Drive through ATM.jpg

2. The drive-through Pharmacy
The one I saw and tried out in Fort Collins has two lanes. You drive up to a metal pall construction that is equipped with a microphone and speaker and with a metal box that travels up on the pall to the inside of the pharmacy. You first talk to the pharmacist through the speaker and microphone. They will look up your prescription and tell you what it costs. You put your money or credit card and insurance card in the box that is at arm length, close the little door and push the little button on it to sent it to the pharmacist. The box starts moving up at first and then in a straight line enters the pharmacy and travels down a similar metal construction inside the pharmacy. The pharmacist opens the little door of the box, checks your insurance, runs your credit card or holds the cash, asks you more questions if necessary through the microphone and sends the box up and down to you with your prescribed medication, your insurance card and your credit card or change and of course a receipt. Thank you, have a good day and stay healthy! Don’t forget to exercise!



3. The drive-through Coffee place
Well, this one is pretty simple, it is just like a food drive through. Instead of ordering a double cheeseburger, you order a grande latte and a muffin maybe to go with it. Something to munch on while driving to work and the much needed caffeine to wake up while driving to work.

It happened to me once though that I ended up at the end of a still standing traffic line. One of those things you don’t want to be in where you’re on your way to an appointment. Automatic thoughts of “Oh no, I don’t want want to be late” flash through your mind. Only to realize a minute later that something grander than that is happening. The drive-through business is thriving and the customers are so many that they are lined up on the right lane of the street a few hundred meters down. That line caused a few problems. I was not the only one that needed a few seconds to understand the cause of the still standing cars and had to maneuver to the left lane to drive past it.

Glad I had my coffee at home, otherwise I would’ve definitely been late for my appointment if I would’ve joined the morning frenzy of getting coffee from the drive-trhough.


There are more drive-throughs.

My husband told me there is a liquor store drive-through that I haven’t come across yet but I’m curious to see how it operates.
It made me chuckle! Imagine that, getting booze without having to step out of your car, just roll down your window please!

The drive-throughs of the States have been taken to a complete different level, you gotta admire this kind of creativity and effectiveness. The drive-throughs are popular here, they are part of the infrastructure and I’m sure there would be a few American friends that would be surprised to hear that I find the drive-throughs interesting and would advice me to get a life 🙂

It’s almost genius! You could almost live in your car and never get out! Just roll down your window!

Drive through

Roll down your window 🙂

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