5 reasons why MY Childhood Friends are awesome!


Do you keep in touch with your childhood friends?

You know, when you live in a different country, you meet new people, make new friends, maybe a few enemies and you would be lucky to know who they are if you do, you kind of move on…

Well, you do move on for the most part. Life goes on. New home, new job, new roads to drive on, new stores, new faces, new gatherings, new people!

The places you live in are about the people in the end I’ve come to believe.

It will be a success if you are blessed with at least one good friend in your new place. It will be a failure if you don’t make any good friends. Or so I believe.

I’m lucky! I’ve met at least one amazing person that I feel close to, feel like I can talk to about anything, feel I can not only laugh out loud at all kinds of things together but feel I can share some of my deeper than the surface stuff. You know what I’m talking about.

The very interesting part is that this friend is from the country I was born in. And it immediately makes me feel comfortable. We share the same backgrounds. We have internal jokes that no one would be able to understand. We know the taboos from there, we know what is like to live your country behind and see your family and childhood friends only once in a blue moon if the constellation is aligned favorably. It feels good, it feels like home to have a friend like mine, it feels like having a friend from your childhood in many ways.

And it’s a bitter-sweet mixture. At the same time you are reminded about your childhood friends which you love, and then it is a bit sad because they are not so near and you miss them! Why is that? That after soooo many years, they still stay so special and dear to you?

Now, I have to say that I’ve been even more lucky – I had some awesome – amazing  mind-blowing friends – growing up and I hold on to them like a fly holds on to honey to the day as much as I can. They are my treasures! My happy places in my mind where I go to sometimes when I feel blue.

Here’s what someone else has to say about childhood friends:


“There are some friendships that we remember forever. These are the friendships that were formed when we were children. The quality of sharing is not the same as in adult friendships. However, in a certain way the friendship has a deeper quality. It probably lacked that drama and intensity that is shared in adult friendships. At the same time there is a certain carefree quality between two young children at play. They don’t ask themselves complicated questions like whether they have enough in common. It is enough that they are two kids and that there is playing to be done.”

Source: http://www.familyfriendpoems.com/poems/friend/childhood/#ixzz2yIF9MoGh
Family Friend Poems


My 5 reasons for today why my childhood friends are awesome!

1) Because they know my parents!

It might sound odd to some but it’s true. I miss them because they know my parents. They know where I am from exactly! I had friends growing up coming to my door to ask my parents if I could go outside and play or later when I was a teenager, there would be an entire campaign and there would be 3 friends at the door asking my parents if I could join them to a birthday party and would assure my parents that their parents gave them permission which worked in my favor, you know, if the daughter of the police officer was given permission than my parents would be ok for me to join them, they felt safe to let me off the leash for a bit 🙂

But this is not what I really want to say. I want to say with this that they were my friends for the purest reason ever that came with ease and by itself.

They were my friends for me!

They didn’t care who my parents were, they didn’t care if I had the newest snickers or not, they didn’t care if I would bring them the biggest present for their birthday or not, they didn’t care about any of that!

What they cared about was they wanted to spend time with ME! And they would be such good friends to even campaign for me – they had a lot of hidden weapons, you know! Like superpowers!

2) Because they knew my teachers!

We shared the same schools, classrooms, recitals. To the day it’s so great to share old stories about teachers! For example, in 6th, 7th and 8 grade – or one of those – we had Spanish. None of us learned any! All of us had straight A’s! And that was a common effort I tell you! Our teacher, was respected as one of the smartest and most educated teachers we had. We were in awe that he spoke 7 languages! 7!!! Do you know how that sounds when you are 12, 13, 14 years of age? Like something equal to being an astronaut! The story is that our teacher couldn’t hear, at all. So we, the naughty kids in the class, took advantage of it. And instead made it in a funny thing where we would help each other out loud in class every time we were given an individual assignment on the board or verbal. You were kind of told out loud by someone else in the class what the answer was to the question the teacher was asking. It makes me laugh even now when I think about it, but it makes me feel sorry too because I wish my Spanish was better – only if I would have been wise enough to learn it when it was offered to me in school!

What I want to say with this is that we share the same teachings! The same soil where the same seeds started to sprout so that we became the people we are today!

3) Because they knew my booboos! 

Oh, be hold! The time when I played hide-and-seek and in my rush and urgency I jumped over a small fence, running, only to land with my upper leg in a huge splinter that was sticking out! Full on! Like a spear! In my upper leg, inner thigh! I have the scar to prove it almost 30 years later! I didn’t notice at first. I got to hide behind the fence! And when I ran back, a couple of my friends started pointing at my leg – it was full summer and I was wearing shorts – Blood! Blood! And there was blood I tell you! It looked like a big bloody and fleshy mess – in my memory the flesh was pink, seriously!

And because they cared then, they still do today! With the same honesty we had when we were kids. No hidden agenda’s, no nosiness, no judgement.

4) Because they gave me strength!

The wisdom and lessons you get growing up from your childhood friends is irreplaceable.

I learned from one childhood friend to stick up for someone else because he stuck up for me when another friend made a not so friendly remark. This friend might not know he did that, but I do!

I learned from another childhood friend that dreams keep you going in life. As children we would walk down to the bakery and we would speak English that we barely knew few words of it and name all countries we could think of that were far away and seemed so exotic and we thought we wanted to see!

I learned from another childhood friend that nothing is bad unless someone really and literally will have the power to chop your head off! Seriously! It stuck with me to the day – it gave me tremendous confidence! I became on the spot less scared of the world! Because it was and is so true. Nothing bad that happens to you is that bad as long as no one is planning to chop your head off! Like on the guillotine, like Marie Antoinette! Have angry mobs with fire torches in front of your palace demanding your head on a plate! As long as that doesn’t happen to you, you are more than OK!

5) Because they are the best and most honest people in the world!

Yes they are! The most amazing and dear people! I think of them with so much love and pride! They are adults now, like I am. They have their lives, they’ve been through a thing or two, they’ve lived in other countries, they’ve seen the world, some had challenges, some had huge successes. I love my childhood friends! And I’m so proud of them and proud that I still am their friend to the day, even at distance with countries and an ocean in between, we still keep in touch and have a few things to share but more important – we have a special and most wonderful thing that bonds us! A pure and honest friendship that we had when we were children! There was play to be done and that was the exact reason why we became friends!


And those my friends are my 5 reasons why my childhood friends are awesome!

I’m sure I can think of more – but chew on those for a while.

And maybe you feel inspired and reach out to a friend or two from your childhood, bring back some funny memories and have a great day with your heart swelling from joy!



Shel Silverstein - How Much!

Shel Silverstein – How Much!




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