A different purpose, a different path – psycho rambling!

Many times life takes you into different directions, left, right, a few steps forward, another few steps backwards, the path is not straight and it might lead you to places you never thought before as real destinations. Some of those places are beautiful beyond words, they make you want to stay for ever. Some are difficult, uncomfortable and leave you unsatisfied, they make you want to move further, reach another place that is beautiful.

It’s been a year in the States, in a few days actually I can say – 1 year in the States! Woehaaaa! What a ride it has been! Not an easy one I must confess!

The reasons that drove our decision to move were just that, reasons. Reasons we thought were real at that time. Most of those reasons did not turn into fruitful reality, that is the recent past. The present keeps us here for now and the location is not important anymore. It’s just that, a location.

I’m changing this blog’s purpose all together, I’ve decided to use it – for rambling! Rambling! Rambling! Rambling! I’m using the word rambling on purpose, it’s one of my favorites! Another blog post will be dedicated to the word soon – it has some benefits to do just that ‘ramble’, if done the right way which I had to learn myself and still learning about it.

My rambling will be more of psychological nature. Psycho rambling!
Rambling about life, about lessons learned, about lessons still to be learned, about beautiful places and not so beautiful places, about great journeys and maybe about failed ones.

I’ve learned that paths meet and then they split and some lead you to a dead end and you have to go back and take a side way.

Welcome it all! Let it be! Learn to love it!

Say “Thank You” to Yesterday, “Yes” to Tomorrow, and “It’s all good” to Today!

Be happy!

Be proud

Be proud

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