Don’t shrink your dreams! Super-size your courage and abilities!

The adventures that life has to offer are endless in number and content.

I’ve had a few adventures myself. I lived in Romania and in The Netherlands.  I travelled through Europe, America and South East Asia.

I’ve worked in multinational companies and I worked for the government as well. I learned a few languages.

I met many wonderful people and most of all I’ve learned a lot from them.

Some years back when I was a little shy girl back in Romania, I would have never even dared to dream that I would do more, that I would get to see much more of the world. Life took me further, I’m glad I had the courage to make my dreams bigger and bigger, many of them became reality.

My time to give an insignificant bit back starts here by sharing some of my humble life experiences, my views, the things I learned and things that I will learn as I go.

I love adventures, they feed my hunger to see more, to do more, to learn more, to be a better person and travel towards the greatest potential that I might have.

A new adventure is unfolding as my family is making a big transition to a new home in the States.

We will learn new things, we will have new experiences, we will meet new people, we will make new friends.

It is a new beginning, a new fresh start and we take with us our great memories and even greater dreams.

Dare to dream! Don’t shrink your dreams! Super-size your courage and abilities!


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